Creating the Dementia Care Team

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Creating the Dynamic Dementia Care Team is the first of two manuals authored by Clarice Cagle Cook, CDP.  This edition contains skill information for self-evaluation, brain anatomy of persons with dementia and how to interact, communicate, and help provide quality of life for those with brain related deficits and/or dementia.

This manual is intended to inform, excite, enhance, and add to the experience of family and professional caregivers. You will find repeat information throughout to show correlation and o emphasize the different reasons for the importance of methods of communication and interaction. Readers are encouraged to use the contents for reference, to enhance learned methods, and to learn new techniques.

 There are chapters that provide information on where to look for help and gives tips that others have used to keep a mental and physical balance for self while caring for others.  Taking care of the caregiver is also a must for those with loved ones and clients with dementia.

What is dementia?  What are the types of dementia and what are the symptoms?  What are the best ways to deal with behavior issues?  Where do I turn for help?

Creating the Dementia Care Team is available in paperback at and in audio form at, and I


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