New Dementia Hope for Quality of Life

By Clarice C. Cook, CDP

Mary Brophy Marcus CBS News February 10, 2016, 5:24 PM of CBS reported in the article “New Study shows signs of hope in Dementia.”
Ms. Marcus indicated the correlation of a decrease in vascular dementia due to better heart health efforts. Since the body and brain are affected one with the other, it is easy to understand this conclusion. However, as Ms. Marcus further commented, this extremely well documented study included a small sample of people. Not to squash the hooray balloon, however, the big picture is before us. We can’t let our guard down, because in getting elated over reports of a decline might lead to complacency. To avoid diseases such as heart disease, liver diseases, cancer and yes, even depression that can affect the brain as well, a good preventive health plan is essential.

Having said all of that, good health care may have a few variations with each person. While we want to avoid being hypochondriacs, we should keep vigilance on finding and practicing the best individual healthy exercise and nutrition program. Overall preventative health care is the first line of defense against all diseases and diseases leading to dementia.
*Read food labels for any additives that might produce negative results in the body.
*Avoid fatty and fried foods of all kinds. Avoid or minimize red meat consumption.
*Eat small amounts of each: fiber, fish or chicken or lean pork. Make raw colorful vegetables the main dish to any meal. Limit flour products and eat whole grained baked goods with low or no sugar content.
*Avoid sugar, fructose and other sweet producing foods.
*Avoid salt or any sodium product…limit pepper products, especially those with salt added.
*Avoid bingeing on any consumption that goes into the body. Avoid or limit alcohol altogether.
*Be careful not to misuse prescription drugs, never share or accept drugs prescribed for others.
* Talk to the doctor about the type of exercise that is best for your individual needs, set up a plan and be disciplined about following a routine.
*Keep bad stress to a minimum. Use music, dancing, comedy, nature, reading, writing and other enjoyable methods to calm the spirit and feed the soul.

Read Mary Brophy Marcus CBS report at this site:
Creating the Dynamic Dementia Care Team and Memory Path Care Solutions are at and Barnes and in print. Listen to the audio versions at





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