New Dementia Studies – Who to trust?

by Clarice C. Cook, CDP

Can we really put it back together?

Just as it is with any claim that promises cure for whatever ails or distresses you, care must be taken to research claims of cure for dementia before submitting credit card numbers for product or “free trials.” If the product or methods work, great.  However, the person who has possession of valuable credit and other personal information can charge the card before the trial ends.  If the method or product doesn’t work, the provider not only has customer information that can be used to market to other scammers, the target customer is out that money.

Caregivers and patients are understandably stressed and desperate to find cure or relief for symptoms of terrible brain diseases.  Drug companies ravage insurance companies, Medicare and family bank accounts with medications that may or may not give relief.  Drug companies have to have FDA approval and they have the money to pass these patents through.

Independent scientific study groups have to battle through with funding outside government support. There are some reputable information pipelines that are worth investigation.  However, it is recommended to approach with skepticism and keep reality in the forefront.  Billions are to be made from vulnerable populations.  While there are independent research scientists with legitimate studies to present, there are just as many scammers.

In a consumer’s report, Lifestyle Changes Could Cut Dementia Cases, New Study Says

Here are nine things you can do to help lower your risk, By Lauren F. Friedman , July 20, 2017, “There are steps people can take to reduce their risk of dementia, but researchers say they need to be undertaken over the course of one’s life.”

If a report gives hope that immediate results can be seen and if they give proof of miracle cures, it is best to remember this fact.  Damage to brain cells do not happen overnight.  By the time symptoms are noticed, the brain can be hollowed out noticeably.  In the case of Alzheimer’s, amyloid plague has most likely gummed up a great deal of tau protein.  Therefore, if neurons and the connecting paths are that damaged over a period of time, it’s very unlikely that any method, supplement or pill of any kind will clean the brain within a shorter window.  For claims of cure over a longer time, that is a great risk to take.

As for risk of getting dementia, it has been proven that taking care of one’s health is a number one in a deterrent to heart, and all other organ diseases. Since the brain and body interact, exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and all the other methods can also reduce the risk of dementia.

Links for great resources:

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