The Dementia Scare- Claims for Prevention and Cure

Read:  Dementia Studies- Who to Trust?

by Clarice C. Cook, CDP

So many aging persons have asked me, “I’m so scared.  I lose my keys all the time.  Does that mean I have Dementia?”  I say to them, “When I’m overwhelmed, stressed or just plain not paying attention to what I’m doing, I lose my keys, pens, or whatever else I’ve been randomly carrying around the house.  I lose my glasses when I’m not paying attention.  That doesn’t mean that my brain is suffering from dementia.  It means that I’m practicing lazy brain.”

The scare has produced many claims for prevention and cure and you can be sure that most of them are scams.  Marketers know that when people have anxiety and fear about any possibility of dying from a horrible disease or when people are dealing with serious illness, those persons are ripe to be led to buy a product that might solve the problem or cure the illness.

Claims are abundant from herbs to exercise cures.  One website leads the reader down a long path to say that a population in India never gets dementia because of their diet.  Just one area that uses curry, cumin and so forth???  When the marketer finishes his presentation, he claims that there is a secret to how these recipes are combined.  For just $39.99, the now hope filled reader can get this combination of recipes and information on how to eat them in order to prevent and even to cure dementia diseases.  Really????  And always the marketer has a family member that has been cured, and always the FDA has approved it because it is natural, but the government won’t approve of it’s application for cure because big drug companies can’t make any money from it.

One way you can be sure that you’ve reached a spam/scam page is the first page that has a video that times out to the hook and if you try to leave the page, you get repeating pop-ups until you finally get closed out.

Before you shovel out any money for any claim, stop and check out the facts about tried and true research through sites such as,,, AARP, and

If you feel anxious about memory loss or cognitive decline, talk to your health care team.  The first step is to have a full health care assessment along with blood work up.  Some medical issues can sometimes produce dementia symptoms, such as bladder infections, thyroid problems, or unexplained fevers.  Sometimes physical diseases can throw the brain power into a whirl.

The following free test can give you a guide line that can indicate whether you need to be examined further.

Go to and the Alzheimer’s Reading Room


My favorite:





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